Re: [rp-ml] free STL Files and other (free) things we wish for in the new year

From: John Morewood <>
Date: Thu Jan 07 2010 - 21:28:18 EET

    If everything is free then where is the incentive to move forward -
we will just stagnate - not much fun in that ?
Students do it with the idea of fun, learning, and maybe getting getting
noticed so they can acquire a future job. Once your "making" a living
one realizes that nothing is/can be totally free - nice idea but won't
happen. It is one thing for Dinkers/DIYers/Hackers (I'm one of them) to
play and improve off of tech that is already in existence (which BTW is
too expensive), but to come up with new ideas and then develop the ideas
there has to be a carrot/insentive (money in most cases).

If one had to build every component (nuts and screws etc.) it would be
way to much for anyone but an exceptional few to acomplish. Building
off of everyone else's tech is the way things get done, but not for free
- it always costs (and not just monetarily) in the end, someone has to
plow the earth to plant the seeds so you can eat...


Adrian Bowyer wrote:
> The inkjet worked and we could deposit stuff with it. But it was a
> student project, so we have simply stored the results to possibly take
> further in the future.
> And... Who needs to earn, if stuff is free? :-)
> Best wishes
> Adrian
> Dr Adrian Bowyer
> Fast 3D di Saleri Stefano wrote:
>> Hard to beleive that single jetting heads can be put on a framework
>> of that type! Any positive results from the experiment?
>> I don't see the sense of making everything so costless and "free". In
>> the end who is earning? Are we all going towards a Cinese mentality
>> where generally speaking low quality and low costing products are
>> becoming a fashion? I really hope not.
>> Happy New Cheap 2010

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