Re: [rp-ml] free STL Files and other (free) things we wish for in the new year

From: John Morewood <>
Date: Thu Jan 07 2010 - 23:28:02 EET

Ah but I did not say anything about demonstrable cost-effectiveness
(most of human achievement has been driven by survival not altruism),
just that it costs something to do/make anything (be it
time/barter/trade/money/sweat etc. equals currency). Rembrandt and
Beethoven would have had to use some sort of currency to acquire the
raw materials to make their paintings - paint and canvas are not free -
someone has to make the items and they are not going to do it for free.


Adrian Bowyer wrote:
> No really worthwhile human achievement has ever been instigated on the
> basis of demonstrable cost-effectiveness. I wouldn't go so far as to
> say also that nothing worthwhile has ever been done in the pursuit of
> money - Rembrandt and Beethoven accepted commissions, after all - but
> most things that are really worth doing involve little or no financial
> reward.
> And, of course, with no commissions Rembrandt and Beethoven would
> still have painted and composed, because their primary motivation was
> a desire to create something worthwhile regardless of the reward...
> Best wishes
> Adrian
> Dr Adrian Bowyer
> John Morewood wrote:
>> If everything is free then where is the incentive to move forward
>> - we will just stagnate - not much fun in that ?

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