[rp-ml] Re: evelution at the moment waits..?

From: José Joaquín Prieto Cruz <arquiblindajes_at_telecorp.net.co>
Date: Fri Jan 08 2010 - 15:29:54 EET

DNA always change is the life , may be when I say change is in his own
structure but it makes a lot of replicat , I see like
a machim motor of the life , I dont like to do a idiot discussion ,
Prof. Steve Jones is a prof , I´m a simple observer I´m not a profesor .
But Adrian is a profesor too and has a lot of value in his ideas, Rep
Rap is good , is not expensive, the people in the world can play and
duplicate his machin like DNA, is my poor oponion , is littel , is a
work, it changes like the opinion . I think in the head , may be
tomorrow Adrian present more better heads like Objet or Eos , or put a
laser head to do cuts ............
And I want to apologize by my terrible English but I´cant to stay
only been in silent

Best regardes


El 7/01/2010, a las 3:27, Andrea E. Reinhardt escribió:

> "DNA allways change" not true for humans if you follow e.g. Prof.
> Steve Jones
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Jones_%28biologist%29
> Happy new year!
> from microTEC team
> www.microtec-d.com
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