RE: [rp-ml] free STL Files and other (free) things we wish for in the new year

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Date: Fri Jan 08 2010 - 22:22:56 EET

Alair, sometimes I think our best prospects are newbies to the business, still have a sense of wonder. Cheers, Bob


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I have been on the list since the early 90's (bought an LOM system in 1991). I still have to explain - in great detail usually - to customers that want RP parts or RTV/urethane parts what is possible - etc. I really thought by now that the understanding of the technology and applications would be more wide spread. I think part of the problem is due to the continued erosion of manufacturing in the US.

Alair Emory
Javelin 3D

On Jan 8, 2010, at 8:45 AM, Mullen, John wrote:

        I remember back in the early 1990's when the RP mailing list was very vibrant and informative with issues related to Rapid Prototyping. If you saw a new rpml email come through, you read it and many times learned something. There was none of this ranting we've seen recently and just hitting the delete key as the messages come in.
        Are we all just the old timers left on this list? Where have the young bloods gone? Blogs?.......Twitter?.....other lists?
        The recent political rants need to move onto to a chat line please and off the rpml.
        This is still a very dynamic industry, with so many things changing in hardware, software, materials, processes, etc. each month and year. I would like to hear about it and learn something.
        Here's what's on my mind this morning..........
        Is there someone out there who can actually RP small, usable gears for me? I'd love to move away from machining numerous ABS gears for our electronic "works like" prototype models. Anyone have some success? We do create RP gears in a variety of technologies, but they all suffer from one issue or another such as initial material strength, inaccuracies, material breakdown. After the design is proven we machine custom gears. I don't need a very long life for these typically a couple of months tops, just a quite, smooth running gear. As always timing is an issue. It's asking a lot but it's my Holy Grail.
        Someone inspire me again....teach me something please.
        John Mullen
        Rapid Prototype Manager
        Hasbro, Inc.
        1027 Newport Avenue 401.727.5194
        Pawtucket, RI 02862

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        Mr. GS
        The american people need to change too I see the mensage for the life when Mr. Obama be a president.
        The americans need to do an other Woodstock more very big , to invite all the world to be in the solar era and forget
        the war and polution , we need clean energy to pay all, our needs and thinks to be in the more better place in all the world.
        Pardons my imprudence
        El 7/01/2010, a las 15:07, G. Sachs escribió:
        Adrian - "And... Who needs to earn, if stuff is free? :-)"
        Apparently you and others at the the University of Bath! But I assume you are TOTALLY kidding - right? !
        Are you saying you are willing to start teaching and doing research, for free, in exchange for all the RepRaps, music, movies, and TV you could ever want (great idea for 2010 :-) ? How are you going to pay the farmer, and your doctor - in RepRap 'units' or RP parts :-)? Ahhhh, but then I think you will agree with me that talk is, by far, the cheapest commodity of all (actually it's one of the few things that's ALWAYS been free)? Just (half) kidding though, in order to try and rattle your notion, a bit, that there simple solutions to tough problems, probably will do. Here in the States, people often fault academicians for not having enough "skin in the game" and being sheltered from the harsh realities of living in the "real world". I guess I kind of have one foot in both worlds and so can look at things both ways, or as a series of +'s & -'s (though, sometimes, it still seems like a zero sum game).

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        Subject: Re: [rp-ml] free STL Files and other (free) things we wish for in the new year
        The inkjet worked and we could deposit stuff with it. But it was a student project, so we have simply stored the results to possibly take further in the future.
        And... Who needs to earn, if stuff is free? :-)
        Best wishes
        Dr Adrian Bowyer
        Fast 3D di Saleri Stefano wrote:
> Hard to beleive that single jetting heads can be put on a framework of that type! Any positive results from the experiment?
> I don't see the sense of making everything so costless and "free". In the end who is earning? Are we all going towards a Cinese mentality where generally speaking low quality and low costing products are becoming a fashion? I really hope not.
> Happy New Cheap 2010

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