Re: [rp-ml] free STL Files and other (free) things we wish for in the new year

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Date: Sat Jan 09 2010 - 02:48:10 EET

Hi Elaine,

I believe that, particularly within the realm of design and architecture, AM
has, or at least is beginning to take, substantial strides...

The work by Digifab, Complex Matters, Freedom of Creation, etc. are creating
things that are inherently dependent and directly catalyzed by the various AM
processes. The same can be said regarding some of the projects exploring larger
scale AM processes - the Wonderwall project at Loughborough, Contour Crafting in
Southern California or, perhaps most promisingly, the D-Shape technology in
Italy... All very exciting stuff... 
For examples for some, somewhat idiosyncratic work that also applies to the
aforementioned, I've included a link to the smArchitecture



Thomas Modeen  PhD  AA Dipl  MPhil (RCA)  BFA  SAFA 
Kuwait/ London

On 09 January 2010 at 00:49 Elaine Hunt <> wrote:

> If the RP industry has moved very little in the past 20 years, the question in
> my minds is why? 
> Is it still perceived as a toy maker? Has it been held back by the service
> bureau (why own it) industry, or is there some other thing happening that we
> as RP devotees are missing?
> Is the industry moving forward, sitting still, or slowly dying?
> Elaine
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