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From: Andy <>
Date: Sat Jan 09 2010 - 03:24:47 EET

Hi John How about Metal plating the RP gear? We plate onto most of the different RP models including Envisiontec parts and the strenght is increased 10 fold. If you want to give it a try then drop me an email Kind regards Andy Allshorn Technical Director AT 3D-SQUARED LTD ________________________________ From: "Mullen, John" <> To: "" <> Sent: Fri, 8 January, 2010 19:59:26 Subject: [rp-ml] RP Holy Grail of Custome Gears Thank you everyone who responded to my interest for a better RP gear. Lots of new names and the old timers are still around as well. This is all good. I’ll try to give answer back to everyone in one message. A) There’s nothing wrong with machining gears, this is best, but our resources are limited and I can use some very skilled Model Making for better uses than cutting gears all day. B) I’m no engineer or machinist so I don’t have the proper lingo in “gear talk” but lets describe them as being small in diameter ( 0.75” and less with many teeth ), these also include small cams and levers. Our quantities are small; usually need 1-3 of each gear, cam, and lever. C) Due to the detail and small size FDM technology hasn’t worked for us in the past. It has greatly improved over the past few years. D) Objet does okay but the sidewalls are rough, small features are weak. This leads to problems. I’ve had decent luck using Objet with Durus material for larger gears. E) Noise is always a problem with RP gears. This is one reason we machine parts. It’s tough to demo to a buyer when they can’t get beyond the noise. RP gear teeth like to bind and break off. F) SLS hasn’t worked due to detail and surface finish. Are there secondary finishing techniques. G) I get very close with SLA Viper and Envisiontec Perfactory. These are the most promising technologies if materials can continue to catch up. Great detail, accurate, smooth finish. H) First Cut Prototype……I forgot about them. This is a good possibility. I’ll readdress this. I) Direct metal…..I don’t know, surface finish issues again and detail? I need to gain more experience with direct metals. I’ve been in the world of plastic too long. Everyone thanks, much food for thought. John Mullen Rapid Prototype Manager Hasbro, Inc. 1027 Newport Avenue 401.727.5194 Pawtucket, RI 02862
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