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I use denatured alcohol and 99% alcohol sometimes to clean parts for paint
prep. I performed some research on the matter since I purchased a large
quantity of 99% alcohol that smelled exactly like denatured alcohol. It
seems that denatured alcohol is similar to 99% however it has an additive in
it to make it not suitable for consumption. Isopropyl alcohol (99%) is
synthetically produced so therefore not suitable for consumption either.
Denatured is ethanol hence the additive.

So to answer your question I think it depends on the additive. In my
experience ethanol has no effect on cast urethane. But since urethane is a
petroleum based solvents like naptha, toluene, and acetone may effect it in
the long term. I am no chemist, just basing this on my limited experience.


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One question I've recently had is directed toward someone with a chemistry
background. I'm interested to know what effects Denatured Alcohol has on
cast Urethane parts over any duration of time.

G. Sachs wrote:
> Nick,
> Why don't you contribute some topics for discussion or questions
> relating to specifically to RP?
> G.S.
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> I'm an RP technician (26 years old) still in college for
> manufacturing. In the three years I've subscribed to the "RP-ML" I
> have learned very little pertaining to the industry. This recent set
> of rants has been amusing and mildly thought provoking but for the
> most part, highly useless. No offense intended. I hope the last thread
> of roughly 50 posts can be a springboard for some more useful
> conversation.
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