[rp-ml] Re: urethane and ethanol

From: Nick Rivers <nrivers_at_nuhill.com>
Date: Tue Jan 12 2010 - 13:59:15 EET

Some of our Shore A Urethanes are extremely susceptible to attack from
most of our solvents (lacquer thinner, MEK, alcohol, etc.) so we avoid
using them. Recently I encountered this on a Shore D urethane which had
not occurred before. The parts were soaked about one hour (wall
thickness .050) and it completely destroyed the properties. I was
interested to know if anyone else had encountered this. note: We did use
an additive to decrease the durometer so I understand this is the likely
cause. Thanks for the comments!


Jim Quinn wrote:
> Google:
> Google:
> "Ethanol does not alter" (using quotes)
> It is a long term exposure study of
> ethyl alcohol on polyurethane objects.
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