[rp-ml] milling=am?

From: The Creature Company <mail_at_creaturecompany.com>
Date: Tue Jan 12 2010 - 16:01:46 EET

I believe we had the discussion before but I have searched the archives and
haven't seems to locate the thread.


In the move to rename the technology we use from RP to AM how do we classify
CNC and Milling? CNC and milling are to be subtractive in nature. They
obviously do not fit into the realm of additive manufacturing however they
are a rapid technology.


That makes we wonder if the terms RP and AM are not synonymous but set up as
a hierarchy, whereas rapid prototyping includes additive and subtractive
manufacturing. Am I correct in saying that?


I have been a bit flustered since I felt the push was not to use the term RP
any more since it's "not cool". Thoughts?


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