RE: [rp-ml] FW: RP-ML subscription confirmation (SCAM!)

From: Gary Miller <>
Date: Tue Jan 12 2010 - 17:24:54 EET

Hello Rachel

Happy New Year, I hope you're well.

I had the same email twice and only have one email address registered. I had a suspicion it might have been something other than genuine and wasn't 100% sure. Not knowing Seppo or his correct email address left me wondering.

I'd like to thank both you, Seppo and Ted in helping add clarity to the issue.

Best regards,


Best Regards

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What makes you think it is a fake?

Coming from Seppo in Finland, chances are it is necessary, albeit
annoying, admin of the site.

I got one too, but took it at face value.

Any other opinions on this?

Regards, Rachel

Rachel Park | RP Editorial Services
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On 12 Jan 2010, at 13:06, Anderson, Theodore {Ted} (MSFC-EM40)
[Raytheon - Jacobs] wrote:

> See fake rp-ml administration notice I received this morning; just
> wanted to warn every on the rp-ml list of this scam.
> Ted Anderson
> Rapid Prototyping Lab
> Raytheon
> Jacobs MSFC ESTS Contract
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> Subject: RP-ML subscription confirmation.
> Dear rp-ml user,
> This message is sent to because the
> address is currently
> subscribing to the rp-ml.
> I have been receiving spam complaints from messages sent to the RP
> mailing list ( A while ago I sent a note to the
> list that I hoped would stop this annoying stream of complaints, but
> it
> was to no avail. The Funet CERT still receives spam complaints from
> rp-ml messages on a daily basis.
> Therefore I have no other options but to "clean" the list and make
> sure only those who really want to be a part of this wonderful little
> community will be receiving these emails.
> Now this is the important part: If you wish to continue receiving
> articles from the rp-ml, send a reply to this message and leave the
> following line intact:
> If you DO NOT wish to receive emails from rp-ml, DO NOTHING. Your
> address will be removed from the list in two weeks time.
> If you have any questions regarding this service, send them to
>, not as a reply to this message, because it will
> be automatically processed.
> Yours,
> Seppo Niemi
> rp-ml technical administrator

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