Re: [rp-ml] milling=am?

From: John Morewood <>
Date: Tue Jan 12 2010 - 18:24:37 EET

The way I look at it - RP (Rapid Prototyping) is what I do, AM/SM
(Additive/Subtractive Manufacturing) are the processes I use to do RP.
Then there comes the whole CAD/CNC machining, 3D Printing (SLA, FDM,
etc...) as how the AM/SM processes are accomplished. And yes there was a
thread about this a bit ago - it seemed to dissolved into a circular
discussion based on point of view :-)


The Creature Company wrote:
> I believe we had the discussion before but I have searched the
> archives and haven’t seems to locate the thread.
> In the move to rename the technology we use from RP to AM how do we
> classify CNC and Milling? CNC and milling are to be subtractive in
> nature. They obviously do not fit into the realm of additive
> manufacturing however they are a rapid technology.
> That makes we wonder if the terms RP and AM are not synonymous but set
> up as a hierarchy, whereas rapid prototyping includes additive and
> subtractive manufacturing. Am I correct in saying that?
> I have been a bit flustered since I felt the push was not to use the
> term RP any more since it’s “not cool”. Thoughts?
> Lino

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