Re: [rp-ml] milling=am?

From: Nick Rivers <>
Date: Wed Jan 13 2010 - 22:21:11 EET

For whatever my two cents are worth, it has been my experience that
people in the "real world" i.e. consumers or the public have no clue
what AM or RP is. When I started doing this work my family and friends
would say " so what is it you do?" Often times I resort to simply saying
I am a model maker. If there is a debate over what "this" is we do I
would center it around making it a more clear understanding to the
general public. General public can hear terms such as AutoCAD, CNC,
Injection molding, etc. and have a basic understanding of what you are
talking about. Most people when I say either Additive Manufacturing or
Rapid Prototyping just kind of give me that nod and then I chuckle. Even
people in plastics and molding really don't get a whole lot of this.

Just my observations.


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