[rp-ml] FS: Optomec LENS 850 3-D Rapid Prototype Laser Engineering Net Shaping System $155,000USD

From: Ron Anderson <andersonsurplus_at_cox.net>
Date: Mon Jan 18 2010 - 17:37:35 EET

Hello Everyone,

DNA Equipment has the following rapid prototyping system available:

Optomec LENS 850 3-D Rapid Prototype Laser Engineering Net Shaping
System- This 3-D
laser lithography modeling machine can make 3-D objects from a computer
file. It uses the sintering process which produces a solid object from
powder. It uses many different powders including Titanium for repairing
turbine blades. It has a wrist action nozzle to spray powder on the
platen and then it is cured by a Lumonics MW-1000 Yag Laser into a solid
object. Comes with all manuals and in excellent condition used very
little.Some LENS 850 system specifications: Travel: 18"W x 18"D x 42"H -
Linear square rail precision stages - Digital servo amps - Multi-axis
controller - X and Y accuracy/resolution of .002 inch - Z axis
accuracy/resolution of .020 inch. More pictures upon request.The system
includes: Lumonics MW 1000 laser system manufactured July 2000 / (2)
Edwards RV12 vacuum pumps / Thomas argon re-circulation system diaphragm
air compressor model 4Z024 / Ro-Tap model RX-29 sieve shaker Accepts 8"
or 200 mm diameter sieves from 2" (50 mm) opening down through ASTM #
635 (20 micrometers) opening. / VAC (Vacuum Atmospheres Company) model
Nexus Dri-Train purification system manufactured 7/26/00 / (10) Stellite
Coatings Delchrome 316 type plasma weld-w 10 pounds each / (2) Carpenter
Powder Products N625 PT-E Anvil 625-80/+325 mesh 25 pounds each / (4)
Micro-Melt 420 -170/+325 mesh 25 pounds each / (8) Spherical TI-6AL-4V
powder 45-150 um 25 pounds each / (9) gallon cans of labeled recovered
powder / box of misc. filters/lenses for MW1000

Price: $155,000USD

Pictures can be viewed at the following (ID:1106):


Many more pictures and .pdf documents available to send via email.
Please fell free to contact me for any further information.

Thank you,

Ron Anderson
DNA Equipment
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