Re: [rp-ml] low-res 3D scanning

From: Andrew Werby <>
Date: Wed Jan 20 2010 - 05:30:51 EET

Hi Ian;

This sounds like a good application
for the hand-held ViuScan from
Creaform, which I've been using
lately (and which I also
distribute). It produces meshes in
your choice of high, medium, and
low resolution, which are further
modified by the scanning volume, a
user-variable cubic area
surrounding the object at the time
of scanning (more volume=larger
triangles). The photo texture is
captured at the same time, but its
resolution is not determined by
that of the mesh. If you save the
results in *.obj format, you get 3
files: the mesh itself (obj), the
photo texture (bmp) and the
material (mtl). Let me know if
you'd like more details about any
of this.

Andrew Werby

Ian Gibson wrote:
> Dear All
> I have been contacted by a group who want to display 3D scan data
> online. This means they require low resolution 3D data with separated
> bitmap imaging. The input data is from small objects up to 300mm in height.
> We tried using our Minolta Vivid scanner to scan the objects but the
> mesh size was too big. Using our version of RapidForm didn't seem to
> work in reducing the size since it wasn't very intelligent. Furthermore,
> the bitmapping from the Minolta didn't work very well as the image
> resolution is linked to the mesh resolution.
> So what we think we need is a low-res scanner but with a relatively high
> res imaging.
> Does anyone have any experience in this field or suggestions on how to
> approach this? In particular, what kind of machine (arrangement) would
> work?
> IG
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