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From: Mullen, John <>
Date: Wed Jan 20 2010 - 17:38:39 EET

If you creating scanned data just to create textured animated product images for the web, a potentially easier approach would be a photography system such as....

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Subject: [rp-ml] low-res 3D scanning

Dear All

I have been contacted by a group who want to display 3D scan data
online. This means they require low resolution 3D data with separated
bitmap imaging. The input data is from small objects up to 300mm in height.

We tried using our Minolta Vivid scanner to scan the objects but the
mesh size was too big. Using our version of RapidForm didn't seem to
work in reducing the size since it wasn't very intelligent.
Furthermore, the bitmapping from the Minolta didn't work very well as
the image resolution is linked to the mesh resolution.

So what we think we need is a low-res scanner but with a relatively
high res imaging.

Does anyone have any experience in this field or suggestions on how
to approach this? In particular, what kind of machine (arrangement) would work?

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