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From: Jason Laing <>
Date: Thu Jan 21 2010 - 15:21:14 EET

Hi Sebastien

I aggree with you, yes we would definatley want to make it free as the rural
guys mentioned by you were are trying to give a service to the low income
streams to achieve cost effective ways of treatments and the scanning type
system opens doors in a number areas of medial applications. I would love to
get more involved with the "Reprap without boarders" so let me know how I
can please.

Essentially we want to make a digital camera become the scanner for inner
oral and external applications. Im not sure what is out there so I thought I
would pick some brains to see what I am missing.

If you could help me with this that would be great!!!



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There are some very clever people in the RepRap forum. Please try asking
there as well:

This is exactly the sort of project I want to encourage the RepRap community
to work on, and I will make sure to make a space for you and folk to work on

I think you're looking for object reconstruction from photograph software.
Is this correct? Or do you want software and hardware, with camera mounts
and a laser?

Because there _are_ chunks of object reconstruction software out there that
will do the job, but they are a bunch of chunks created by academics and
hobbyists. They are free (GPL), but I think you'll need some programmers
and designers to hack something that works well, so that users don't need to
think hard, they just press a button and they have a scan.

Tinkering with software and hardware to make that happen takes time and
energy, but the people in my forum have time and energy to spend on an
interesting technical problem that helps people. Many are programmers,
engineers, and designers, and they like this kind of stuff. And I have been
trying to find a good project like yours for "RepRap Without Borders".

The one thing I ask is that the software/plans be released freely (GPL) so
that folk in other rural areas can make use of them. And it would probably
be necessary, because that's the rules we agree to follow when we use those
precoded "chunks" of free (GPL) software, that we give back to the commons
we got them from.

I realize if you're trying to heavily monetize this project that might be a
big thing to ask, but I think you're focusing on the needs of your patients,
and that this caveat wouldn't cause any problems, i.e. cost effective would
be free, and free for everyone is good.

RepRap is about making the world a better place, and we're pretty big on
cost-effective, so there is a good chance I can cheerlead a design team into

-Sebastien Bailard - self-reproducing 3D printer project.

On January 21, 2010 03:30:50 am Jason wrote:
> Hi
> I have noticed quiet a few discussions going on with regards to 3D
> I am working on a project at the moment to try and create a low cost
> from photographs from a basic camera. Does anyone know of any software
> can assist me with taking images and some how turning it into a 3D image?
> This project is for the dental industry and we are looking to create a
> platform for our rural areas so even if anyone knows of scanners that are
> really cost effective that I can use inside the mouth?
> Thanks
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