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Hi Jason,


There was at one time software that could interpolate a 3d mesh based
multiple on pictures of the same subject from different angles. The subject
has to be perfectly and consistently lit such that the resulting grayscale
images could be analyzed and a "guessing type algorithm" would try to
recreate the subject in 3d. As laser scanning became cost effective this
methodology which did not work well anyway was (I believe) abandoned.


I do not know if such a device exists but a handheld miniature laser scanner
(picture a barcode scanning wand) could do this medical job for a variety of
applications. The software would have to precisely determine the position
and orientation of the wand in physical space relative to the subject, it
could then from the scan data develop a scale model in real time such that
the user could actually see if sufficient data had been gathered to
accurately model the subject. If not more data could be gathered through
multiple passes until the scan was sufficiently accurate.


Does this device already exist?







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I have noticed quiet a few discussions going on with regards to 3D scanning,
I am working on a project at the moment to try and create a low cost scanner
from photographs from a basic camera. Does anyone know of any software that
can assist me with taking images and some how turning it into a 3D image?
This project is for the dental industry and we are looking to create a
platform for our rural areas so even if anyone knows of scanners that are
really cost effective that I can use inside the mouth?





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