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From: Andrew Werby <>
Date: Thu Jan 21 2010 - 22:01:40 EET

Hi Jason;

There are dental scanners that can
be used to scan tooth impressions;
they typically are coupled with
specialized CNC mills that use the
data collected to mill out crowns
which can be installed as soon as
they are cut, which saves a lot of
time and cuts out the whole
lost-wax process that's
traditionally used for making them
(typically in gold with porcelain
enamel optional).

But these scanners work outside the
mouth, on plaster impressions that
can be scanned from multiple
angles, which don't move
unexpectedly while the scanning is
happening. These are probably
cost-effective, or nobody would
bother with them, but that's not
the same thing as "low cost". There
are some intra-oral scanners being
developed, but they don't seem to
be on the market quite yet. Here
are some links:

There are photogrammetric systems
for transforming a series of 2d
images into 3d models, but they
tend to work best on simple
geometric forms, like buildings,
and less well on complicated
organic things like faces (or
teeth) that need to be extremely
accurate. Considering the
restrictive conditions inside
someone's mouth, and the difficulty
of reconstructing good 3d models
from 2d photos, it's hard to
imagine that the system you're
envisioning would work well enough
to compete with the traditional
process of molding and sculpting
tooth crowns, where an error of
.1mm is unacceptable. But I don't
want to discourage you in your
quest - do let us know if you find
a system that meets your criteria.

Andrew Werby

Jason Laing wrote:
> Hi
> I have noticed quiet a few discussions going on with regards to 3D
> scanning, I am working on a project at the moment to try and create a
> low cost scanner from photographs from a basic camera. Does anyone know
> of any software that can assist me with taking images and some how
> turning it into a 3D image? This project is for the dental industry and
> we are looking to create a platform for our rural areas so even if
> anyone knows of scanners that are really cost effective that I can use
> inside the mouth?
> Thanks
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