Re: [rp-ml] RE: Image to 3D

From: Sebastien Bailard <>
Date: Thu Jan 21 2010 - 23:51:31 EET

On January 21, 2010 09:24:43 am Markus wrote:
> Am 21.01.2010 um 14:21 schrieb Jason Laing:
> > I would love to get more involved with the "Reprap without
> > boarders" so let me know how I can please.
> The wrong way is to run in there, asking those people doing your work
> for you ;-) The usually successful way to hook up with an open
> source/engineering project is to look around on their website a bit,
> to _use_ their stuff and to offer/upload the (partial) results of
> your own work. Typically, small enhancements are favoured over huge
> changes or reinventions. Offering the own work in a way which eases
> incorporation into exisiting parts, e.g. same type of 3D model
> format, is a big plus.
> Markus


I was inviting Jason into the RepRap community to see if the folk
in the forum can work on his problem. Because I think it would help
out his users, and it would help out RepRap's user/builders, and give
them something interesting to work on when they're not busy
self-replicating. :)

So, I'm making a space for Jason.

I call our idea "RepRap Without Borders". I'm also trying to cheerlead
a (GPL) RepBraillePrinter into existence.

Because we've got a lot of clever people in the RepRap community, and I
like to bring new and interesting things under the RepRap umbrella.
And a GPL photo->object software package helps his rural dentistry patients.
And it helps out RepRaps users as well, as it helps us figure out the
Scan-and-Print pipeline.

You are correct that a blunt "help me with this" request would have been a
bit rude, but even that would be forgiven because Jason is working on medical
care for his users.

I will happily host other "RepRap Without Borders" ideas, brainstorming, or
and especially people like Jason who want to give back to the commons by being
project leads or laying out clear project requirements that help reduce
suffering or otherwise fulfill basic human needs, human wants, or human rights.

It's sort of the next stage of RepRap, really. The "Take over the world and
make it a better place" stage. Once we've got one RWB research cell working in there,
then we'll soon have others. Like a RepProstheticLeg, etc. I think we'll want the
body scanning as a waypoint towards that, to digitalize leg stumps and such.

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