[rp-ml] (Up to) $100,000 in prize money offered

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Date: Tue Feb 02 2010 - 17:18:10 EET

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, so I will:
The Foresight Institute is offering up to $100,000 in prize money to the
inventor or team that solves many of the fundamental problems of additive
fabrication. As the description of the Kartik M. Gada Personal Manufacturing
Prize points out, removal of the need for an industrial infrastructure to
inexpensively produce a wide variety of basic goods would be a great help to
billions of poor people. The intent is to encourage and accelerate an
open-source effort akin to that undertaken for RepRap.
The rest of the article is at _http://home.att.net/~rpml/inr/inr622.htm_

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