[rp-ml] Creative AM

From: The Creature Company <mail_at_creaturecompany.com>
Date: Tue Feb 02 2010 - 18:41:44 EET

We are looking to acquire an AM system creatively. For the last few years,
we have been outsourcing our RP needs. We feel it would be in our best
interest to do most of our manufacturing in house. We would like to do this
without the use of conventional financing. We do not want to lease. Tall
order. yes, we know.


Specifically we were interested in jetted machines like objet or thermojet
machines. We would be interested in discussing this matter as well.


We tried to use partners to AM our parts but in the entertainment industry,
time becomes an issue. We also feel that we would have more opportunity to
innovate if the equipment was in house.


We would be interested in hearing your ideas.or offers.







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