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Date: Wed Feb 03 2010 - 00:22:46 EET

You've got to be kidding us! IMO, what a fantastic waste of time and money (but your "Quick Quote" was a good idea). Look, you just can't sell this stuff like a "Sham-Wow". All the smoke and mirrors in the world, and all the lipstick in the world, won't help you sell the pig. All you have to do is deliver something of value to the customer and keep doing this, and the product will eventually sell itself. And, Apple will soon learn if its "iPad" is the latest, must-have, technology or just another technology 'pig' or feminine hygene product. What is your latest innovation? Is it "insanely great" (as Steve Jobs used to say) or just another waste of customers time? At least you didn't try calling any of your services "QuickFlow" (thanks for that)! G.S. ________________________________ From: "Ron Hollis, President and CEO, Quickparts" <> To: "" <> Cc: "Sarah Patterson, Quickparts Executive Administrator" <> Sent: Tue, February 2, 2010 2:57:43 PM Subject: [rp-ml] Quickparts- Johnny Quickparts Video Series Dear RP-MLer’s: Quickparts launched a new video series starring Johnny Quickparts. He will be sharing his adventures in product development. Johnny is the star engineer in Better Be Running! Tools to Drive Design Success. We are trying to make the technical topics of manufacturing more interesting and easier to access. Producing a series with a common character is a unique approach for marketing in manufacturing. Most manufacturing information is dull and boring. The video information that is available is typically shots of a machine doing something….great for 10 seconds, then dull after that….some may know the feeling… We expect this to create additional interest in the world of engineering and manufacturing by applying creative and professional video to our topics. There will be another 15 episodes this year and then the execs at NBC/CBS/ABC will decide if they cancel it (if they too busy, then we will decide the future). Please check out the video…and say nice things. After 10 years, we are still trying to move the industry forward with technology and information. It’s fun to see what fresh approaches can do. Ron _______________________________ Ronald L. Hollis, Ph.D. President and CEO For more Ron than you can stand.. Follow Me at Befriend Me on Facebook Read my Quickparts thoughts at my Blog Learn more about me at Link to me at LinkedIn Quickparts 301 Perimeter Center North Suite500 Atlanta, GA 30346 770.901.3208 770.901.3237 fax Keep up with our innovations at our RP Blogand IM Blog An Inc. 500 Company “Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to buy custom-designed parts that meet their needs.” How am I doing? We would love to know the good and the bad. Send a confidential email to Customer Care at .
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