[rp-ml] Product Visualization Forum - February 24, 2010

From: William Watson <w_j_watson_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Feb 03 2010 - 03:19:14 EET

RPML Colleagues:
I thought that many of you might be interested in this RP and VR forum later this month.  Terry Wholers is a featured speaker and the SiMT is always worth the trip.  Details are below. 
Bill Watson
Anvil Prototype & Design
4101 Stuart Andrew Blvd. Suite F
Charlotte, NC  28217

Voice:  704-527-8171
Product Visualization Forum
Presented by Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology

Florence, SC - February 24, 2010 - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

More information and to register: Go to InnoVentureCommunity.com
Cost: Underwritten by SiMT and free to attendees.

Keynote Speaker: Terry Wohlers is recognized as the #1 most influential person in rapid product development. He has spoken to thousands of engineers, scientists, and executives from around the world. He has given 65 keynote presentations on five continents and visited more than 200 organizations worldwide to witness firsthand their capabilities, best practices, and challenges.

The Forum's objective is growing a community of product development, product marketing, and industrial design professionals interested in enhancing their skill at visually communicating new product concepts to internal and external customers. The Forum will feature best practices sessions on leading edge 3D CAD, 3D virtual reality, and rapid prototyping technologies.

The Forum's location is the Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology, the premiere technical service provider, and training facility, for industry in the southeastern portion of the United States. Its state of the art facilities are located on a 146-acre campus in Florence, SC. SiMT provides engineering/CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping, and 3D/virtual reality services as well as leading edge manufacturing workforce development and business process training.

More information and to register: Go to InnoVentureCommunity.com

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