RE: [rp-ml] Purging of The List: The Time Has Come

From: Seppo J Niemi <>
Date: Fri Feb 05 2010 - 17:58:12 EET

Kamara, Sheku writes:

> Only 285 legit email addresses! I hope this number increases.

The number does indeed sound few. But you must remember that the list
has existed for almost two decades and it has never been cleaned
before. Some of the addressess were there when the honourable André
Dolenc originally created the list in the early 1990's. A lot has
happened in the world since that, whole email domains have disappeared
and people have different employers now and thus different email
addressess. It comes as no surprise that most addressess were defunct.

But in Finland we have a saying which goes: "Kun väki vähenee, niin
pidot paranee". Roughly translated it means: "The more people leave the
party, the merrier it becomes" ;-)

BTW, some of you have contacted me with questions regarding Rapid
Prototyping but I'm afraid I know absolutely nothing about that, so
please don't send me questions about RP any more. I only know about
email servers and UNIX operating systems in general. And Finnish law
enforcement, but that's completely another thing...

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