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Hi Everyone,

Carl, I think that indeed there is some unclarity to this naming
convention. Technologies such as ZCorp are indeed very much like
standard paper-printers, but with an added Z-dimension to the staging.

However, I'd venture to say that the term has been loosely expanded to
include hardware with a "small" footprint, that are not typically used
for true manufacturing.

Perhaps the ASTM efforts will help us all be on the same page! Thanks,

PS: Seppo - I appreciate your efforts at keeping this list clean and
active. Regards!

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" The full Value Pack, which includes the printer, 8 (XY) cuttings
knives, 4 magnetic pads, 24 modelling kits (modeling material, glue
cartridge and anti-glue cassette) "

It does not really sound like a 3D printer in the 'traditional' sense,
more like an automated 'arts and crafts' set in a convenient box. With
the current ASTM committee making waves on AM definitions should we not
stop calling machines like this '3D Printers'. Call me old fashioned but
I think of a 3D printer as some XYZ positioning systems holding inkjet
print heads to deposit binder, UV cure or self curing inks. I find this
confusing at the best of times when desktop or office friendly AM
systems are labelled as 3D printers irrespective of their hardware
makeup. Am i the only one on list who thinks like this?

Best Regards

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