[rp-ml] dedicated cutter

From: Bo Atkinson <boa1_at_fairpoint.net>
Date: Tue Feb 09 2010 - 16:32:49 EET

Thanks all for posting info about price reductions in additive 3d printers/ rp machines...

I hope followers/ finders will post any info on very competitive cutter-only machines which can cut basic plastic or paper sheets on a flat bed.

 Struggling artists can't be choosers.


Adrian, (In case you are listening)

Your rep-rap org looks great. I have tried to find 'complete' kits, at least of most vital parts to build one... Checking the forums there-- It seemed that local groups (2 in my region, New England) had little recent activity-- (Perhaps one posts in several regions and waits to get responses? I'm pretty good with desert mechanics but not steppers.)

Thanks again.

Bo Atkinson
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