[rp-ml] Laser scanner recommendations?

From: David Celento <dcelento_at_psu.edu>
Date: Sat Feb 13 2010 - 18:17:27 EET


Seeking recommendations on a small, affordable desktop laser scanner.

Ideal unit would have:
- large capture size of 1 meter by 1 meter (could be smaller)
- ability to capture color image and overlay onto scan data
- small turntable that allows auto compositing of scan data for 360
- software not essential (since we have Geomagic) but desirable
- ease of use and affordability a plus.
- high degree of accuracy is not needed.
- non contact
- (no enclosed boxes, cnc, or articulated arm attachments)

I have previous experience with the Konica Minolta Vivid scanner, but
am seeking one that is less expensive. No need for a viewing screen or
capturing data in the field, thus standalone use (without a computer)
or portability is not needed.

Many thanks for any suggestions or recommendations!

David Celento

Assistant Professor, Architecture: Digital Design / Digital Fabrication
Penn State: Stuckeman School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
www.digifab.psu.edu www.design.psu.edu
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