[rp-ml] BPM Personal Modeler 2100

From: strages <strages_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed Mar 24 2010 - 17:02:51 EET

I'm a member of Makers Local 256 (http://256.makerslocal.org), a
hackerspace (see hackerspaces.org for more details) in Huntsville, AL,
and we've recently been donated a BPM Personal Modeler 2100. It came
with no documentation, sat up in a warehouse for 10 years, bad video
card, and rats had been living in it apparently. Regardless, we've
cleaned it out, replaced the video card, figured out how to use it,
and actually got it moving. The only problem with it seems to be that
the spray head isn't spraying wax. It purges just fine, so it's not a
clogged line as far as we can tell. What I'm looking for is anyone
who has any experience with these machines and/or might have
documentation for it. We're using the original DOS based software and
some of the STL files found on the machine. Any help would be

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