[rp-ml] ProJet service bureau

From: Bondy, Jeff S <Jeff.Bondy_at_alcoa.com>
Date: Mon Apr 12 2010 - 18:31:29 EEST

We are looking for a service bureau that can build us ProJet WAX parts
in both the CP and CPX materials. We do not want to buy a machine at
this point so please no sales calls. We just want a source with good
turnaround time for a potentially large number of patterns. We will
handle all the support removal on any parts we ask you to make so they
have a better chance of shipment survival when shipped with the supports


Please reply off-list.


Thank you.



Jeff Bondy
Alcoa Power & Propulsion
Howmet Research
1500 South Warner Street
Whitehall, Michigan 49461



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