[rp-ml] Just getting started - Z400 online in Atlanta, Ga, USA

From: Buddy Smith <buddy.smith_at_ieee.org>
Date: Wed Apr 14 2010 - 08:04:41 EEST

I've been following this list for a while, but this is my first (or
second) post.

I've purchased two Z Corporation machines on ebay, and as of
yesterday, the first is up and running.

I spent quite a bit of time refurbishing the machine, and it's still
not quite done, but the machine is working!

Here's some photos of my first print:

I'd like to ask here - in order to break even or be worth my time,
what is the going rate for models printed on this type of machine,
versus the material cost? Is it something I can supplement my income
with, or will I be struggling to break even?

If anyone in the Atlanta area is interested in purchasing this machine
or having something printed, please contact me. It is located at
Freeside Atlanta, and I can demo the machines to you as well. (
http://www.freesideatlanta.org )

Also, for those in the area, there's a Makerbot presentation at
Ignition Alley Wednesday night at 7pm. Makerbot is a DIY 3D printing
device that has shown quite a bit of promise.

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