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Date: Thu Jun 03 2010 - 16:52:19 EEST

As I figure out, ZPrinters produce color by having full color (24 bit) in
the binder that comes out from the inkjet. How is it achieved in Objet?
The Connex family is basically a muti-material system with 8 print heads
(as I make out four different materials at a time) and 96 nozzles per
print head. Is the Connex family multi color or full color? How do they
achieve color - Is it that two of the eight print heads responsible for a
particular material print colored ink.

Just trying to understand the systems w.r.t color RP and how do the two
technologies compare.

Thanking you.


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Saima Elahi <>
06/03/2010 06:51 AM
RE: [rp-ml] color RP

There really are no other technologies that produce Multi colour in one
pass. Apart from Objet/Zcorp.
There are other machies that are able to have different colours put in
them at one time. However, you can also use various techniques by
switching the material while the model is building to have a different
colour. For example if you are building a bottle and you want the cap to
be a different colour, you can switch the colour once the part reaches
that building point.
Hope that helps!

Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 18:26:17 +0530
Subject: [rp-ml] color RP

Dear all,

I would like to know about the various color RP systems available. Z
Printers by Z Corp is one which can produce color parts using their 3D
Printing technology. Objet has a family of machines which can produce
multi-material part and possibly in multi color using their polyjet
technology. I would like to know about other existing technologies and
their applications.

Thanking you.


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