RE: [rp-ml] How could RP & RM help in solving BP's Gulf Catastrophe?

From: Carl Dekker <>
Date: Tue Jun 08 2010 - 20:53:06 EEST



My first thoughts would be autonomous vehicles with
interchangeable/cargo filtration type devices capable of separating and
containing the oil that is floating in the water at, and below the
surface. I can't help but imagine that this disaster will spread with
the currents ultimately destroying and enormous amount of marine ecology
that will take decades to repair. The long term impacts of this type of
devastation is mind-boggling. Every time I think of it, I feel bad to
be part of the human race. And yes, this idea is FREE!!! Please take


Time is not on our side with this one! I truly hope they can start the
repair process SOON!


P.S. I hope they already have a plethora of ideas for stopping the flow!


Thank you,


Carl Dekker

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Subject: [rp-ml] How could RP & RM help in solving BP's Gulf


I was wonder how various RP processes, including AM, might help in the
Gulf oil disaster. I don't expect the "geniuses" at BP (or even in the
government) to have spent much time thinking about that one. I have at
least one idea, and thought it might be a good way to RM a higher

First suggestion I have:
Use scanners to scan the badly cut wellhead and then create a CAD model
of the opening. Make a perfectly mating pipe joint that can have a
rubber seal attached to it. Use rapid prototyping in combination with
rapid casting to create this joint. This could be tried before trying to
make another better cut (and might be faster). And - by the way, BP -
this idea isn't free, if you don't already have it in your little
"suggestion box" of free ideas (that you and your buddies in the
government won't release to the public). I am sure at this time of
crisis, BP likes nothing better than getting all those helpful free
suggestions and volunteers. Poor BP, they need all the free help they
can get, I guess.

G. Sachs
Paradyme Systems U.S.A.
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