Re: [rp-ml] How could RP & RM help in solving BP's Gulf Catastrophe?

From: Adrian Bowyer <>
Date: Wed Jun 09 2010 - 01:43:40 EEST

G. Sachs wrote:
> Not a good idea (at least very risky), and I am sure there are some
> others here who could tell you why.

You fracture the rock round the well head, and then (effectively) have
to deal with a hole spilling oil 10 m (o.w.e.) in diameter...

Elaine Hunt <> wrote:

> Could they not plant a charge and blow up the well. Our well which
> was some 375 feet deep caved in when lightening hit the pump and we
> lost our water source. Cave that sucker in with a depth charge!!

The key word there was "pump". Your water was not rising under its
own pressure.

Remember that the oil is coming out because it is less dense than
water. The effective hydrostatic pressure it's under must be
somewhere about equal to the difference in densities (water - oil,
though the rocks complicate matters) times the depth (into the Earth,
not underwater) of the well times g.

Best wishes
Dr Adrian Bowyer
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