Re: [rp-ml] How could RP & RM help in solving BP's Gulf Catastrophe?

From: Adrian Bowyer <>
Date: Wed Jun 09 2010 - 23:36:23 EEST

No - I certainly wasn't thinking of pumping it all the way down. I
was thinking of taking it down in cryotanks. Depth pressure is no
problem as long as they are full - liquid nitrogen is as
incompressible as any other liquid.

Of course replacing the liquid N2 with water as it's pumped out of the
tank might give one or two entertaining little problems. Though if
it's done quickly (as it would have to be) and the tank was to be
sacrificed, the formation of internal ice might not matter.

Best wishes


Dr Adrian Bowyer

Steve Pinkston wrote:
> You wouldn't be able to pump the LN2 from the surface down to that
> level. It would probably take weeks, if not months for it to get there.
> At our plant it can take 5 minutes just to get the liquid to come out of
> a 6 foot hose 5/8" dia, and that's with air touching the hose, not
> water. The thermal conduction would kill the process. It may be possible
> to lower a complete tank and operate it with their robots though. I am
> not sure if anyone makes 3000 psi cryo tanks though.
> There is a similar process used in the plumbing industry. a collar is
> placed around a pipe that needs repair and CO2 is pumped through it,
> freezing the liquid inside the pipe. The pipe can then be cut and
> repaired and the ice plug melts after the repair.
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