[rp-ml] Personal Portable 3D Printer --- UP! 3D Printer at $1,500 USD

From: market pp3dp <market_at_pp3dp.com>
Date: Wed Jul 28 2010 - 12:18:25 EEST

Dear list,
pp3dp.com is pleased to announce the release of our Personal Portable 3D
Printer --- UP! 3D Printer at $1,500 USD.

UP! Printer is the Smallest and lightest 3D printer(size: 9.5 x 10.5 x 14
in, weight:11 lbs).
UP! Printer uses a nozzle to deposit ABS plastic onto platform, layer by
Price: $2,990 USD (50% discount for first 100 orders)

In order to provide better user experience to our product, we conduct a User
Experience Activity:
we will print your 3D model for free, in exchange for your feedback on
performance of our printer.
Step 1. Email us your 3D model (STL format).
Step 2. We print your model on UP! Printer and take all-sided photos to show
printing process and model details.
Step 3. We mail all these pictures and data to you along with a short
questionnaire for your feedback.
Step 4. If you kindly provide your input to all the questions in the survey,
we will mail your 3D model to you.
(Note: the pictures of your model will be shown on www.pp3dp.com, if you
don't like it, please let us know.)

We do hope you give us a chance to show you the excellent performance of our
UP! 3D printer.
If you are interested in this printer or paticipating this activity, please
mail to market@pp3dp.com.

More details and pictures can be viewed at http://www.pp3dp.com.

Best regards,

The Personal Portable 3D Printer
www.PP3DP.com <http://www.pp3dp.com/>
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