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Date: Fri Sep 10 2010 - 21:55:03 EEST

  Looks like the RPML ended up on my mailing list. Apologies if this
found it's way to you unwanted &/or irritates your astute artistic
sensibilities. There isn't much action or participation here anymore so
I'm not sure it's even a valid forum for this kind of thing (meaning
pushing the boundries of RP technology into new arenas). Maybe this
forum is best left to used equipment sales & the like.

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On 9/10/2010 1:32 PM, G. Sachs wrote:
> (I got an email apparently addressed to rp-ml members but don't know
> if others got this to - if you didn't just ignore my comments below)
> What is this and why do it? Facial reconstruction was kind of nice but
> otherwise not impressed by the other stuff. I think this is a perfect
> example of what happens when you have a lot of time and a great
> solution (i.e. RP/3D printers) and combine this to make things for no
> particular good reason. What is this stuff? IMO, a random, complex,
> hard to make item is not necessarily art (it might be crafting, but
> not art). Thanks, but no thanks, for your post.
> G. Sachs
> Paradyme Systems
> P.S. By the way, where is everybody else?
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