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I thought the quality of the show was very good. I think the speakers were
excellent (especially the one that talked about the film industry J )


The art pieces were well done and displayed. There were presentations on art
and rp as well.




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Sincerely Appreciated All,
It's a bit rough to be "out there" artistically using these technologies as
a medium. Many people don't understand how it works or think it's
auto-computer generated, or simply don't get it because it's not what
they're used to (i.e. ballet dancers on their coffee table). I think these
new technologies have opened up an entire seam in the realm of sculpture to
allow forms & shapes barely imaginable before to now be realized
dramatically and accurately. I can only imagine the future possibilities of
mechanical engineering once we get our heads wrapped around being able to
make "anything".

Steven, thanks for the heads up, I'll look into the RAPID show for next
year. Any opinions on the quality of the show?

Hey Dave, Carrie says hi too!


Joshua Harker
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On 9/10/2010 2:16 PM, Andrew Werby wrote:

I enjoyed Joshua's newsletter. It's not like we're being deluged with so
much great information through this list these days that we have to limit
the flow. Artists are starting to use these techniques in all sorts of ways;
I'm glad to see more of that. Jonathan's "tangles" might not be G.Sach's
aesthetic cup of tea, but that doesn't mean they're not art. People with
limited aesthetic perspectives often tend to characterize what they like as
"art" and the things they can't relate to or don't understand as something
else; it's a pretty useless distinction to make, IMHO. I don't know why the
members of this list would be interested in Mr. Sachs' aesthetic
judgements; we're all capable of making up our own minds on these matters.
Perhaps Mr.Sachs has more interesting things to share with us, but I vastly
preferred Mr. Harker's newsletter to the words quoted below.

Andrew Werby

On 9/10/2010 11:32 AM, G. Sachs wrote:

(I got an email apparently addressed to rp-ml members but don't know if
others got this to - if you didn't just ignore my comments below)


What is this and why do it? Facial reconstruction was kind of nice but
otherwise not impressed by the other stuff. I think this is a perfect
example of what happens when you have a lot of time and a great solution
(i.e. RP/3D printers) and combine this to make things for no particular good
reason. What is this stuff? IMO, a random, complex, hard to make item is not
necessarily art (it might be crafting, but not art). Thanks, but no thanks,
for your post.

G. Sachs

Paradyme Systems


P.S. By the way, where is everybody else?

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