Re: [rp-ml] JOSHUA HARKER.NEWSLETTER | September 2010

From: Bo Atkinson <>
Date: Sat Sep 11 2010 - 18:32:48 EEST

All questions seemed potentially rational, including the original post.

Interesting too, regardless if reactions are negative, or non plussed or if enthusiastic.

Personally, my take on rp after following it lightly for many years: It is indeed an expensive pursuit in terms of life time issues, (as an employee or in cash terms). At least in terms going well beyond low-res cleverness. Printed in an object. Some off us demand an independent lifestyle as a priority, even if we are cashless. Even if we shut ourselves out by living according to learned principles. I''m more attracted to the very low cost realm of rep rap machines.

As to the art-- My suspicion is that our world is suddenly inundated with advanced tech leap frogging way ahead of anything which was commonly available (at low cost without much effort), just 5 years ago. Much of the 3d modeling world seems either usurped with entertainment sponsored. While good, advanced geometry tools are pushed aside with rendering and cinema marketing. Serious CAD seems more forced into glitzy stuff . Instead of sponsoring more transcendent talent or scholarship.

ET related issues are among the most remarkable broad subject areas suddenly flooding consciousness (of those who really search it out and not particularly inferring the deeper long standing consciousness subjects). Before 5 years ago, the current extent of free, easily available and technically mesmerizing ET information was infinitesimal compared with today. Whistle blowing is recently becoming an interesting area for technology. One has to find the worthwhile contexts and channels, as with any subject. The rp subject might forgo covering the ET contexts, due to other competing areas of occupying individuals. So most any context of rp seems valid to me. Even if it might or might not be speculative or mercantile. So long as it does not become spam bound.

Talented artists have always been supported by vain glorious emperors, war lords and ultra-rich. No doubt many people in those classes are very much into vanity and ego and all the stuff which promotes it. That seeming vanity would channel money into some rp provider is no surprise. It reminds me of the saying: Iti s not what we know, but who we know ;-)
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