Re: [rp-ml] Sorry if I have (occasionally) offended some people out there (its happened to me lots of times).

From: Stanley Lechtzin <>
Date: Sun Sep 12 2010 - 00:20:49 EEST

Hi All -

As a professor who teaches art in an art school and a CAD/RP
practitioner/ teacher since 1990 I believe that my opinion may have
some weight. It is art!!! Is it good art or poor art? Please don't go
there as I spend countless hours in my seminar classes on that discussion.

- Stanley

At 02:03 PM 9/11/2010, G. Sachs wrote:
>I was mainly concerned that our addresses were being "sucked up"
>into a large list for the purposes of marketing and advertising -
>especially since until I posted my (obviously) personal little 'art
>criticism', there have been essential NO other postings here, for
>months. I was just surprised and kind of worried that maybe there
>wasn't anybody else out there anymore with any other interesting
>things to comment on, or there wasn't really any other use for the
>rp-ml anymore - I guess I was wrong. Again, my main concern was
>about how the rp-ml might just become a marketing vehicle for people
>to peddle products. In particular, you should note that your initial
>email, from this gentleman, was sent to your personal email address
>- not the general rp-ml address. I don't use the rp-ml to create
>mass email address lists, do you? I will be happy to take back
>anything I said that may have offended people (particularly artists
>- of which my sister is one), if this work is embraced by the real
>experts in the field of what constitutes 'art' (since I'm certainly
>not such an expert). In any case there are a fair number of
>'artists' trying to use RP to create such 'RP art works' and only
>time will tell what, ultimately, stands the test of time. But just
>calling something art doesn't make it so (after all some people
>think velvet Elvis paintings are art). As someone who has worked in
>this field for a LONG time, I have seen a lot of things come and go
>(mostly go), so I must appologize if everything that is being done
>doesn't immediately floor me, or I'm not as enthusiastic as we all
>were, when the field began. I believe in the saying "if all you have
>is a hammer ... everything looks like nail" and therefore I try to
>make sure my tool box contains a lot more than just one tool.

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