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Date: Mon Sep 13 2010 - 16:09:02 EEST

Olaf, That is wonderful! I am not sure about the tolerances either… Maybe someone here would know? But I am willing to experiment with it. I would need it as a stl file. But if it is troublesome for you I can convert it. I also went to your website! Your research on curved printing it very intriguing!!



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Hi Lino,


Yep. I've done a model of that. Any particular format do you want it in? I created it in Solidworks.

Also, I'm not sure what tolerance you need in there to print it as a single print. I currently have 0.1mm clearances


Might need a bit of tweaking to print properly. :-)


Best regards from New Zealand.




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Hello all,


EOS had these wonderful cards at the RAPID show that were printed on their machines. They were hinged and could flip in any manner of ways. Does anyone know of similar files for download? If not I’ll just start building my own but I wanted to check first.




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