Re: [rp-ml] Sorry if I have (occasionally) offended some people out there (its happened to me lots of times).

From: Brock Hinzmann <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 2010 - 23:39:45 EEST

I tried writing a piece on RP and art back in the early 1990s and I
never published it, because of the lack of agreement in the feedback,
although I did once write something for a (early RP artist) Michael Rees
brochure that may still be out there somewhere. I've always found it
interesting that artists often call their works "experiments" (as in
"Experiment in White on White No. 9"), while scientists often discuss
their experiments in terms of the "state of the art." Some artists are
very purposeful and tell me it's art if the person that makes it says it
is and anyone who calls themselves an artist is one. And some artists
probably don't even think of themselves as artists so much as a person
following a muse in their head to bring forth a mind-body experience of
one sort or another. The art can grate on the senses, it can lack craft
or skill, and it can be highly offensive to some beholders, but it is
done for a reason that is art. Making an exact duplicate probably is
not. The great thing about RP is the ability to experiment. I try not to
be too judgmental these days about artists or art critics. However, I
prefer critics (of paintings, of sculpture, of movies, of music
concerts) who can clearly state their own biases and assumptions, which
I can compare against my own biases and assumptions about art. I like
what I like.

Brock Hinzmann
Technology Navigator

Stanley Lechtzin wrote:
> Hi All -
> As a professor who teaches art in an art school and a CAD/RP
> practitioner/ teacher since 1990 I believe that my opinion may have
> some weight. It is art!!! Is it good art or poor art? Please don't go
> there as I spend countless hours in my seminar classes on that
> discussion.
> Cheers,
> - Stanley
> At 02:03 PM 9/11/2010, G. Sachs wrote:
>> I was mainly concerned that our addresses were being "sucked up" into
>> a large list for the purposes of marketing and advertising -
>> especially since until I posted my (obviously) personal little 'art
>> criticism', there have been essential NO other postings here, for
>> months. I was just surprised and kind of worried that maybe there
>> wasn't anybody else out there anymore with any other interesting
>> things to comment on, or there wasn't really any other use for the
>> rp-ml anymore - I guess I was wrong. Again, my main concern was about
>> how the rp-ml might just become a marketing vehicle for people to
>> peddle products. In particular, you should note that your initial
>> email, from this gentleman, was sent to your personal email address -
>> not the general rp-ml address. I don't use the rp-ml to create mass
>> email address lists, do you? I will be happy to take back anything I
>> said that may have offended people (particularly artists - of which
>> my sister is one), if this work is embraced by the real experts in
>> the field of what constitutes 'art' (since I'm certainly not such an
>> expert). In any case there are a fair number of 'artists' trying to
>> use RP to create such 'RP art works' and only time will tell what,
>> ultimately, stands the test of time. But just calling something art
>> doesn't make it so (after all some people think velvet Elvis
>> paintings are art). As someone who has worked in this field for a
>> LONG time, I have seen a lot of things come and go (mostly go), so I
>> must appologize if everything that is being done doesn't immediately
>> floor me, or I'm not as enthusiastic as we all were, when the field
>> began. I believe in the saying "if all you have is a hammer ...
>> everything looks like nail" and therefore I try to make sure my tool
>> box contains a lot more than just one tool.
>> G.S.
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