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Date: Tue Oct 05 2010 - 22:41:25 EEST

Hi All,
Wonder if that new little Up Printer had anything to do with it? I bought one and, considering how cheap it is, it produces very nice actual usable parts. Bit of a pity they put the price up to $3K... At $1500 they would literally have sold thousands. At $3K I suspect it will be a few hundred a year.
Either way, its at a price and quality that would be making the existing FDM manufacturers very nervous...
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It's to lock up the low end market the vflash can't go head to head with the bfb system at least in the educational market

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Subject: [rp-ml] 3D Systems Buys Bits From Bytes
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A lot of people are not too thrilled about this piece of news. My first
question is: What is their motivation? Folks have suggested that 3D
Systems wants a piece of that business. Should we really believe that 3D
Systems wants to get in the business of selling high volume low cost 3D
fabbers at very low margins?

Why has the "Shop" button been disabled? New pricing perhaps?

Any thoughts?

I was saving money to buy one to have here at home. Now I'm not sure.



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Interesting news:

3D Systems Buys Bits From Bytes

See: http://www.additive3d.com/news/inr784.htm

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