Re: [rp-ml] 3D Systems Buys Bits From Bytes

From: Adrian Bowyer <>
Date: Tue Oct 05 2010 - 23:31:01 EEST

Markus Hitter wrote:

> Actually it looks like Dr. Adrian Bowyer's seed is bearing fruit.

And, if every non-replicating 3D printer makes the parts for just one
RepRap in its lifetime...

(I've made 20 RepRaps for other people on my RepRap; I know of someone
who has made 50.)

The more non-replicators that sell, the happier I am. They are
sterile with regard to their own species, but not with regard to mine...

Best wishes


Dr Adrian Bowyer
Received on Tue Oct 05 23:24:33 2010

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