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From: Jeff Demand <>
Date: Tue Nov 23 2010 - 20:44:03 EET

I've been here for quite a while even though I just mill stuff. New
knowledge is always appreciated, I even post once and a while. Nice list.


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>Long live the RP-ML! I, myself, have never had much need to post
>questions, possibly owing to the wealth of knowledge I've gleaned from
>reading this wonderful list for many years. (On behalf of many lurkers I
>suspect,) I express support for this list, chock-full of diverse and
>knowledgeable folk.
>The FB think makes me a bit itchy, but there's a use for it and I've seen
>blogs manage some dual syndication, so maybe it is possible for the RP-ML
>too. Certainly has a lot of eyeballs, FB does.
>How many on the list? I don't know. I sent "who rp-ml" to
>, but it never answered, (although "info rp-ml" did
>as expected.)
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>Of G. Sachs
>Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 12:32 PM
>Subject: [rp-ml] Question about rp-ml
>I was wondering how many people are still subscribing to the rp-ml
>(compared to several years ago) and if it seems that everyone is going to
>Facebook these days (not me yet), the rp-ml should maybe have some kind of
>Facebook page as well (where pictures and videos could also be posted and
>easily accessed). Even though I still haven't joined any of the
>social-networking fan clubs, I understand that eventually you have to go
>with the flow, so I was just wondering if maybe another non-commercial
>incarnation of our now rather "old and moldy" rp-ml email forum, might
>encourage more people involved in RP and AM to communicate more easily and
>more frequently with each other. Don't know, though, how this could be
>done so that it would ensure and preserve the neutrality and openness
>that's been the tradition of the rp-ml since its start. Anyway, anyone
>know how many people are still signed up to rp-ml (doesn't seem like very
>G. Sachs
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