Re: [rp-ml] Question about rp-ml

From: Elaine Hunt <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 2010 - 00:09:40 EET

As one of the early supporters of the RPML, I have watched the decline and abuse of this mail list. While this has happened the RP user community did weaken their support of the mail list. It has remained useful for those seeking pertient information or needing immediate solutions. Inspite of the abuses the RPML has remained true to its original intent and purpose of providing the user community a voice to be heard.
As a supporter of Facebook, a social community, I have found it to be extremely useful for those seeking to maintain distant relationships with family and friends. I was born and reared in a very small textile town which has been destroyed by cheaper imports. A group of youngsters started a group on FB which we moldly oldies took over and the results has been interesting. We promoted a town reunion where over 2000 attended. We have posted almost 800 photos of the town from its beginning until the reunion. People do want to connect and visuals are important.
Linkedin, facebook, rpml, and other such site are ways to keep a community together and it is the way of the future communication. Banding together helps us feel in control of our own destiny. So reach out, ask questions, keep things alive around you when others are naysayers.
I might be retired but I sure am not going away!!
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