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From: Jeremy Pullin <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 2010 - 10:52:04 EET

The biggest problem with Facebook is that as a social site access is blocked for us here at Renishaw and I'm sure that will be the case for many people. Facebook is something that you need to log onto to get at so many people would only log on and check activity periodically meaning that discussions would be very likely to slow down. Twitter, linkedin etc are great for disseminating information but for genuine discussions and asking questions the speed of the rp-ml is much better because of the fact that most people's email inboxes are always open or almost constantly checked. You do not need to go looking for new posts on the rp-ml as they appear almost instantly and by appearing in your email inbox they are as in your face as the donkey's genitals on the video that Duncan Wood recently lent me from his private collection.

For legal reasons and because Duncan's actually a great guy I feel (sadly) that I need to point out that I was only joking about the video.

Facebook is great for posting archive materials, videos, photos etc or for seeing how aunty Doris is getting on with her new hip and colostomy bag (not that I wish to take the piss out of poor aunty Doris here) but for discussions and posting questions the rp-ml is still very much the right format as a mailing list.

My two pennies worth.

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Hello all

Even though my work is now more related to service design than RP, it is still nice to be here ;)

The headcount this morning showed some 350 subscribers. The number has been slowly growing after the Great Cleanup Zaphod did some time ago. Nice :)

Social media is good. I'm in a quite a few services myself. There are plenty of Good pages about RP, also in FB and I encourage people to go and get involved. I have nothing against the idea of someone creating and administrating a high quality FB fan page for rp-ml. Still, through its existence, rp-ml has been, and probably will always be a mailing list. I see no need to change that to anything else. There is room for all sorts of pages, newsgroups and even mailing lists, but I think there’s no need for any other to be called rp-ml.

Being a part of a community is getting involved, so keep those messages coming.

Yours truly
Rapid Dude
owner rp-ml
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