Re: [rp-ml] Question about rp-ml

From: <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 2010 - 13:37:49 EET

I still hang around, been on the list since 1998 but I have changed
employer a couple of times since then. RP-ML is still valuable: for good
discussions and questions, -a wealth of knowledge, experience and
opinions here.

/Klas (also lurking on Linked-in)

Klas Boivie Ph.D.
Senior researcher
Production Technology
SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing AS
S. P. Andersens vei 5
NO-7465 Trondheim

> I've been here a long time, I like to see how this technology is evolving.
> I don't contribute much to the list, Just scanning and RP'ing in Rural
> Ireland.
> Don't think I'd follow on on facebook though.
> All the best, Tim Ward.
> 4WARD, Derreennatra, Schull
> Cork, Ireland
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