RE: [rp-ml] Question about rp-ml

From: paul smith <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 2010 - 14:28:26 EET

Yep. I'm a relatively new user. I use facebook twitter blogs and all that
and they offer something different to the mailing list. Social sites are
good for keeping with up with new applications I think. I find social sites
a bit abstracted and more about saying 'this is what I've done' than debate
or discussion. Speaking of which I recently discovered a mountain of
used/old SLS powder material and wondered how much of this stuff is knocking
about going to waste, if any, who uses it and what for.

Is old material difficult to process?
If used to build parts what applications are there for parts made of old,
used , recycled material?

Paul Smith

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From: Tim Ward []
Sent: 24 November 2010 10:31
Subject: [rp-ml] Question about rp-ml

I've been here a long time, I like to see how this technology is evolving.
I don't contribute much to the list, Just scanning and RP'ing in Rural
Don't think I'd follow on on facebook though.
All the best, Tim Ward.

4WARD, Derreennatra, Schull
Cork, Ireland
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