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Date: Wed Nov 24 2010 - 21:41:48 EET

Hello Chuck

It is not only the material you have to certify, the whole process and the rules
are different in each country. We (innovation meditech part of the dreve group)
have a few years expirience in such processes.

If you like please feel free to contact me on my business acount.

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On Wed Nov 24 7:54 , Chuck Stapleton sent:

>Hello everyone,
>We currently have an RP machine that uses materials that have been certified by
the manufacturer as biocompatible (they have provided all test documentation).
>We are having some discussion about whether or not we need to conduct our own
testing for our particular process.  However, we do not treat the materials with
anything special: we follow the standard cleanup procedures and then use the
>I work for a dental company, so our use in intra-oral, for an exposure time to the
patient bone (enamel and dentine) and gingiva for only a few minutes.
>This may be out of scope for the mailing list, but can someone comment on whether
or not we would need further testing if our RP manufacturer has already certified
their own material?
>Thanks for any help.
>-Chuck Stapleton

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