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From: Ron Clemons <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 2010 - 16:44:13 EET

Having been counseled by marketing gurus, the main reason for having
web-based discussion forums (usually associated with your web domain) is
primarily to increase activity on one's website and elevate its
Google/Yahoo/etc. search engine ranking. With the RP-ML forum not
having that commercial motive, I believe it is more prone to meaningful
and objective technical discussions rather than trumped up topics for
keyword optimization.


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Thanks Hannu for the update and numbers and thanks for starting the
rp-ml - you were WAY ahead of Facebook (and for the technical crowd,
your efforts may have been much more significant)! That's mainly what I
was interested in finding out, but it's nice to hear from all those
still out there too. It seems pretty unanimous that the popular social
networking sites would not be the best for discussion of RP/AM matters
and I agree as well, but maybe it was good to get a consensus on this,
15 years after Hannu started this forum (and this could be a record on
the net). It's kind of sad, though, that at one time, I think, there
were over 1400 subscribers and that may be part of the reason there
isn't more discussion here today. Also, Hannu, would it be possible to
send out an automated count of subscibers to the list, once or twice a
year? I think this would help us stay updated on the health of the rp-ml
and not make us think we are all alone here and cause us to send out
test messages every so often.



G. Sachs



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Subject: Re: [rp-ml] Question about rp-ml

Hello all

Even though my work is now more related to service design than RP, it is
still nice to be here ;)

The headcount this morning showed some 350 subscribers. The number has
been slowly growing after the Great Cleanup Zaphod did some time ago.
Nice :)

Social media is good. I'm in a quite a few services myself. There are
plenty of Good pages about RP, also in FB and I encourage people to go
and get involved. I have nothing against the idea of someone creating
and administrating a high quality FB fan page for rp-ml. Still, through
its existence, rp-ml has been, and probably will always be a mailing
list. I see no need to change that to anything else. There is room for
all sorts of pages, newsgroups and even mailing lists, but I think
there's no need for any other to be called rp-ml.

Being a part of a community is getting involved, so keep those messages

Yours truly

Rapid Dude
owner rp-ml
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